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The Solutions Focus

Mike became acquainted with the Solutions Focus while working in Mental Health Services. The Solutions Focus came from the therapeutic model known as Solution Focussed Brief Therapy, developed by Steve de Shazer, Kim Insoo Berg and others. This is an an approach to individual, group or team problems, which creates results quickly by focussing on ‘what works’, as opposed to finding causes of problems (architecture rather than archaeology).

Since its beginnings in the 1980s, the model has rapidly been adopted across health and social care as well as in business for its down to earth, practical applicability. As well as getting results for people in a time-efficient manner, the model tends to create esteem and confidence in both individuals and teams.

Mike has trained many teams in the Health and Social Care field in using this model with individuals and groups. He has also trained managers how to use the model to enhance their team’s effectiveness in supervision, coaching and team events.

Mike also employs the Solutions Focus philosophy and model in his coaching work and in his work in facilitating teams.

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The Solutions Focus

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