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The Strengths-Focused Guide to Leadership: Identify Your Talents and Get the Most From Your People

by Mike Roarty and Kathy Toogood
(Available 24 Oct 2014)

Aims & overview of the book:

Fuelled by recent research revealing the many benefits of helping people identify and play to their strengths, leaders are becoming increasingly interested in bringing a strengths focus to the way they lead and motivate their teams. Their hope is that a strengths focus will create higher levels of energy, job satisfaction and engagement within their teams, which will inevitably lead to improved results. Their challenge is how to go about doing it.

This book presents the ‘how-to’ of Strengths Focused Leadership. Written by two professionals who have already successfully introduced the approach to a number of organisations, it will explain why you would want to introduce a strengths focus into your team, what the main elements of the approach are, and where and how to start introducing it.

By reading this book you will learn:

  • What we mean by a strengths focus
  • The business case for a focus on strengths
  • The mindset of a strengths focused leader
  • The MORE model for introducing strengths into your team or organisation:
    • Identifying & developing My own strengths
    • Identifying and Developing the Strengths of Others
    • Applying a strengths focus to Regular day to day conversations
    • Applying a strengths focus to Employee processes
  • How to apply a strengths focus to a variety of other business challenges, including:
    • Building High Performing Teams
    • Change and Transformation
    • Strategy

We were finding that leaders who we had helped to explore their own strengths were subsequently asking for support in understanding how they could introduce a strengths approach within their own teams and organisations. This book is in response to that need.
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